Buy/Sell Loans

Owning and taking care of multiple properties would eventually lead you to encounter financial problems in the future. After all, those repairs and fees are not free, meaning that you will have to cough up more money to pay the bills. Essentially, it would exhaust your finances to the point that you may find yourself going broke. If you’re experiencing these kinds of troubles as of the moment, then you can count on us to provide the assistance you need. At Floyd Private Money Broker, we provide buy and sell loans for clients living in areas like Aurora, Colorado who are in need of financial assistance. This service also applies to people who are facing foreclosure due to being unable to pay for their property expenses.

In addition to that, we can also buy the properties of clients who are unable to pay for the expenses needed, which includes apartment complexes and distressed lots. This means that you wouldn’t have to squander your remaining finances in a last-ditch effort to save your property from foreclosure. We are willing to work and negotiate with you to arrive at the best deal that would benefit both sides. With this service, you’ll get to maintain your good standing on your credit score while you earn a little bit of money.

Now, when it comes to buy and sell lending in Aurora, CO and beyond, don’t hesitate to give Floyd Private Money Broker a call today to save your credit score and put a few extra dollars in your wallet. Earn more and lose less by letting us purchase your property.